Caret Size (Size matters)

I am wondering if it is possible, or if maybe it will be possible in the future, to change the size/colour/shape of the caret in playback mode? This is to help in teaching practices. The caret is thin and hardly noticeable at any distance. Which is great most of the time, but sometimes not so great.

Thanks! I’m going to take this opportunity to thank the Dorico team again for their incessant updates and improvements to the program. This makes the creative process easier, more fun, more … creative!

You should be able to change the colour – it was one of the new features on D4.1.

Yes, the playhead (assuming that’s what you mean by “caret in playback”?) is one of the items you can now set a different color for – see here: Changing music area colors

Thank you very much benwiggy and Lillie!