Caret to show the selected note value?

Would it be possible to add the ability for the caret to change to show the selected note value? I find this a very handy feature in Finale, both while learning the shortcut keys and as a quick visual check while entering notes.



We need to show the direction of the current voice though, which would be difficult for note durations missing the stem. Adding another icon would clutter the caret and confuse. Also, the information is redundant, since it’s already shown in the palette.

The problem with the palette is that it takes up a fair bit of room on a laptop screen, so I often hide it while entering notes. I take your point about stemless notes and voices though.

What if for stemless notes you put a small arrowhead (or detached stem) above or below the notehead?

Not sure if stem direction is such a problem. I’ve just checked in Finale and the combination of the different voice colours and notes with stems makes it easy to keep track of stem direction. And if all notes in a voice are stemless, does the stem direction matter?

If the voices on a staff cross, it affects how the notes are stacked.
voice stacking.png

I agree with this. AT LEAST displaying the note value by the caret would be a very helpful feature!

+1 to the original request.

There’s got to be some way of working out the graphics to accommodate both stem direction and note value. Before you click or keypress you ought to have a visual cue at the carat position as to the note value currently selected. Hope it’s possible.

I’ve been using Dorico for 2 months and I still often select wrong shortcuts for rythm selection. Checking the rythm value in the note panel needs to move my attention to anther part of the screen. If I had the note value in the caret, it would be a better way to focus on the music I’m entering.

+++1 for this improvement.