Carrilion AC-1 PC case for audio. Any good?

Carrilion AC-1 PC case for audio. Any good?

Carrilion AC-1 empty rack case Brand new. Any good?
After doing a session at an amazing studio, the owner sold me on a brand new in box AC-1 Carrilion 19 Rack case.

It’s JUST the case…I did a check and read some great reviews …The case is Heavy as a tank and I know these Machines were quiet as can be…

However now that it is home and the deal is done, I’m thinking that I’m not sure if this case has enough cooling for my own Mother board install. There’s just two 80 mil fan ports for cooling. I was in love with the idea of a super quiet rack Mount PC. But now I’m not so sure, I paid 200 US and have never seen the stand alone rack on EBay or anywhere!



if its the ones i am thinking of they had terrible cooling… and also very small

I’ve got one with an old 3.2 ghz p4 cpu. As mentioned above the cooling is pretty bad. Nice solid case though. Might be a candidate for a water cooled build?


I used to have an Antec rack case. Heavy, awkward to work in, and would tend to tip over the rack itself if I didn’t support it when I slid it out by the rails.

Sold the rack and gave the Antec away to the Salvos.

Now I have a normal midi-tower mounted in a 4U road case, to which I added castors. Much lighter, easier to lift out of the road case, and more room inside.
Computer in road case.2011-05-27.jpg
It is matched with a 3U road case (castorised as well), housing the FF800, Axon and a patch bay. Connects to the computer by just a firewire and USB cables, and to the passive SMPro M-Patch 2 level controller that feeds the speakers.
Audio road case - Front.2011-05-27.jpg
Audio road case - Rear.2011-05-27.jpg
Makes it a lot easier to move it around.

Sometimes, what seems like a good idea is a pain in the butt. A 21U rack with the computer and all the other rack equipment in it was both of these!