Cascade 2 MR 816 X (direct monitoring)

Hello. I have try to cascade 2 MR 816 X with the standard method with a firewire between the 2 units. I have found in Cubase 8.5 that the direct monitoring work with MR-816 X (1) connected on the computer port but the MR-816 X (2) don’t work with direct monitoring. I can record, play, but i can’t monitor the signal directly. Any solutions ?

I have Windows 7 64 bit with Cubase 8.5 and the latest MR-816 drivers.

Unfortunately no direct monitoring for cascaded units with Fw… Only by Adat

For inputs on the second unit use an output on the second unit. If you want one stereo output than mix outputs from both units on a separate mixer.

Hello Mozizo,

If direct monitoring for the 2nd MR816 unit requires an ADAT connection, is there a need to remove the FW connection? I would like to leave both FW and ADAT connections intact and toggle via Cubase between direct monitoring and utilising features of the tight software/hardware integration of Cubase & MR816. :stuck_out_tongue:



its been few years since i used my two mr816. i think u can leave them both. not sure though :exclamation: