Cast and mold workflow change in nuendo 12

In nuendo 11 when you select multiple events and turn on the spectral layer ara extension all the clips are visible from one SL editor. In nuendo 12 the events don’t seem to get shared between various instances of SL the same way. At least not by default. Can’t seem to figure out how to use cast and mold in this new scenario. Only tutorials I have found online show the old behavior (multiple selected events all show up in the same SL editor). Is there some explanation somewhere of how to get cast and mold working with ara in nuendo 12?

It looks like you may have turned Preferences > System > Default Clip Grouping to No Grouping. Change it to Group by Format. For existing projects, you can click Clip > Group by Format.

This way, all audio clips sharing the same formats (for instance 44100Hz Mono) will appear in the same SpectraLayers project.

thank you robin for the reply! yes… that worked!