Cast Saving Issue?

I have Cast 1.10 Build 22 on Win 10. If I save a file (keyboard short cut or File menu) after editing - the file is saved but the * asterisk indicator in the filename remains ‘on’. WL10Pro no such problem.


Is the file OK otherwise? Does it play?
I’ve noticed the asterisk also, but I assume it’s an indicator of an altered file, or an unsaved project. The asterisk doesn’t vanish in SpectraLayers Pro either, after I’ve edited and saved a file.

Hi Poinzy - the file is in al respects fine. If I make an edit and ‘save’ I can see the file size change on the hard disk but the * asterisk remains in the title and when I close Cast it complains of an unsaved file. I ‘Save and Quit’ and all seems well.
Montages seem to behave exactly as expected.
On WL10Pro if you hit save, the asterisk disappears and WL seems to ‘know’ the file is now up to date with all changes.

Ta Al

What “file” exactly?

I think all audio files. Items I’ve recorded directly into WLC and standard wav files ripped from CD…



What audio file format?

The audio recorded direct is 48KHz 20 bit pcm and the audio ripped from CD 44.1KHz 16bit pcm.



What edit action causes this * to happen?

Mark a range and cut or mark a range and fade, alter gain, change loudness. All of which behave just as expected and Undo removes the * asterisk, just as you would expect.

ta Al

Thanks, I can reproduce; this will be fixed in 1.1.10
The file is properly saved, but the indicator is not reset.
I am wondering how this could be overlooked.

Thanks PG - once I realised the file is actually saved it is not a problem really. But as you say I’m sure this has worked in WL for many years. The mysteries of code!
Thanks for your prompt attention.

Ta Al