Cast templates in Wavelab 11.1 Pro

Hi guys,

Maybe it is a stupid question but I would love to have same podcast templates from CAST in my Wavelab 11.1 Pro. Is that doable?


Are you speaking about Audio Montage templates?

Yes, audio montage templates

Hi @Blacksoul,

yes, this can be done.

Since WaveLab Cast can now be opened if one has a WaveLab Pro 11.1 license, you can install WaveLab Cast 1.2.10 separately, open it once, and then (in Windows File Explorer) copy its AudioMontage templates to the corresponding presets folder of WaveLab Pro 11.1.

On a side note:
Early versions of WaveLab Cast didn’t use a license compatible to the then existing WaveLab license hierarchy.

If you’re on Windows, this would be the shortest way to copy all 16 existing AudioMontage templates so as to be able to use them in WaveLab Pro (or Elements):

(1) Source folder
C:\Users\Administrator2\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Cast\Presets\Templates\AudioMontage

You can also copy these contents to a self-made folder like “From_WaveLab_Castas a backup copy (for mere distinction, just in case you’d be using tons of modified templates later on and perhaps without wanting to use WaveLab Cast ever again, or even after having deinstalled it), then copy them to the root of the WaveLab Pro AudioMontage folder, so they’d be found instantly - whenever you open the corresponding template section:

(2) Target folder
C:\Users\Administrator2\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Presets\Templates\AudioMontage\From_WaveLab_Cast

Hope this helps.



(1) AudioMontage templates in WaveLab Cast 1.2

(2) WaveLab Cast 1.2 AudioMontage templates in WaveLab Pro 11.1


brilliant! btw do you have same instruction of MAC OS?

Hi @Blacksoul,

no, sorry.
I’m not using a Mac.
However, and if I’m not entirely mistaken, the principles of this solution are platform independent and should also work on a Mac within its respective data environment:

This is what I’d try:

(1) Install WaveLab Cast, start it once.
(2) Find WaveLab Cast’s Templates / AudioMontages folder
(3) Copy contents (in Finder) to the corresponding folder of your WaveLab Pro installation.
(4) Check / use the copied AudioMontages templates in WaveLab Pro.

Please note: WaveLab shows you some local folder paths within the Presets section.
Or perhaps a Mac user might’ve the time to help you with those two folder paths in MacOS.


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I found folders with the templates… copied templates to the appropriate folder but when I open WaveLab 11.1 Pro it only shows old templates…

They are not visible in the pop up dialog when opening Wavelab but from sw itself I can see it on the list

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Hi @Blacksoul,

I guess there’s some trial and error involved.
And: I can’t see the Cast templates in WL Pro’s start-up dialog either, only inside the running program.

Are those six (below) the only template files you can see in WL Pro 11’s start-up dialog?
And are all 16 WaveLab Cast templates visible inside the running program under New → AudioMontage → Templates? (just checking if I understood you correctly)

2 Tracks 44.1k.mon
2 Tracks 96k.mon
8 Channels 44.1k.mon
CD Standard.mon
Mid-Side Tracks 44.1k.mon
Surround 44.1k.mon

Also, I tried to reproduce your “invisible” AudioMontage templates problem in WL Pro 11.1 and encountered the same thing - or better - in addition to a misunderstanding on my side, regarding my own file structure:

in Windows 10, I’d long before defined a recording folder for WaveLab 10 and 11, but on another partition (F:). So in my case all the default folders WaveLab Pro (or Cast) create(s) and use(s) right after installation are to be found at two entirely different file path locations (the other path is deeply hidden inside the Windows 10 user profile, and on partition C:).

Just for comparison:
(in Windows, only directly applicable to a Windows 10 machine)
Default path:
C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Presets\Templates\AudioMontage
Self-created work folder:

So, since you’re on a Mac, and if you’d already defined your own folder to put / write all your recorded clips and rendered files to, and after having started WaveLab Pro 11.1 before at least twice and manually configured once, the default folder structure including some standard templates (Audio files and Audio Montages) should’ve been replicated to that personal work folder (at least in Windows, as WL would always remember this manually defined path named “Specific Folder” in File → Presets- yet although I can’t say if everything behaves in the same or similar way on your Mac).

Now one might just have to transfer the AudioMontage templates from WaveLab Cast’s default location to that personally defined location in WaveLab Pro (while maintaining the same folder hierarchy). One can also use “Synchronization settings → Master folder” in File → Preferences → Global .

I just checked this on Windows, and all the Cast templates immediately became available in WaveLab Pro 11.1, yet still not in the startup dialog when restarting WL Pro next time. But it is possible to use the Browse-Button at the bottom of the start-up dialog window and then choose the desired AudioMontage template after clicking through until one reaches the containing folder.

As far as the transfer of those Cast templates to another version of WaveLab is concerned, this would be one reliable way to go (Please note: in Windows).

Perhaps you can try again to see if your WL Pro 11.1 on your Mac really opens everything from the default path, or rather from a mixture of the default global path and a manually defined path. At least then you can determine where exactly to browse to - from within your start-up dialog:

Best wishes,

WaveLab Pro 11.1 - Cast templates to choose from within: New → Audio Montage → Templates

WaveLab Pro 11.1 - file paths: Preferences → Global → Setting Location → Specific Folder

WaveLab Pro 11.1 - global file paths comparison after manual change

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Yes you are right. Thanks for taking time for this.

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Could you please zip all 16 existing AudioMontage templates and upload here for us as a backup alternative?
I dont have access to Wavelab Cast.

It would be most appreciated
Thank you


here you go: (35.2 KB)
(file path to copy these files to: please see my above post from August 2nd)

Please Note:
the packing program I’m using is 7zip (Installers for Win and Linux):



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Thank you Sir. Most appreciated

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