Casting off not giving desired results

Looking to set a piece for four bars per system, mostly. When I use casting off option “set fixed number of bars per system” in Layout, I dont get a change still random number of bars



Impossible to know without seeing a copy of the actual project file.

I could make some random guesses. Have you set the option in the correct Layout?
Are there System Breaks anywhere? (Have you got signposts showing for Breaks?)

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Thank you this has worked. I hid some system breaks :flushed:

I have a lead sheet for jazz - now a single treble clef staff. If I leave Dorico to decidethe layout it used half of an A4 size paper. I would like to use the whole page, but no more.
I set the casting off feature (what is casting off, I thought that was knitting?) to four bars per system, this annoyingly leaves two bars on the next page.
I know there are system breaks but I am not sure how to apply them so as I can control this. Ideally I would like there to be six bars on the fourth system ( currently nine and a half systems) .

thank you all

I’ve moved your new post back to the original thread you started earlier today: please continue to use the same thread for the same issue. Thanks!

If you want to force Dorico to put the last six bars into a single system, you can use the Make Into System button in Engrave mode to achieve this. Full details here:

“Casting off is the marking off of parts – the determining of the number of measures per staff, staves per page, and pages per composition.”
The Art of Music Engraving, Ted Ross (Hansen Books, 1987)

PLEASE show us a screenshot, at the very least; if not a sample project file.

TBH, it sounds like you’re making too many manual interventions, and then requiring more manual work to fix it.

This thread has been consolidated. I have now resolved the issues. People were right I did manual tweaking that was conflicting. I am very much a learner. I now have things as I wanted.
thank you all

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I know I can manually make these five systems into a single frame (and it fits on the page. Can anyone suggest why using the casting off layout options will not give me five systems of four measures on a single page here?
DulcimerChordingExecisesTest.dorico (621.9 KB)

Because this option is ticked:

Thank you, Leo. I thought I had tried both options there; but I guess not.