Category / instrument selection issue

I believe I found a flaw in Halion SONIC 3 that is very annoying to me.
I will try to explain. When I have the 16 channel Halion picker on
the left side (initial screen) There is a little arrow pointing down,
after the “name” of the instrument. When you click it to change the instrument, second window
opens “Load Program to selected Slot” with highlighted category from
which instrument was taken…

Here is the issue: When I click that highlighted category to change the
instrument, that Category/instrument window SCRAMBLES results and
does NOT go to the category (that was highlighted), but goes to a
random instrument in a random category. So I have to again, go to the
first category window, select “type” of instrument and follow the tree
structure. With every instrument change…

I have the latest version of Sonic. It was like this from the start.
Can somebody please confirm that it is a bug or if it was designed like this? And if it is, a reason (as I can not find any logic to it)

Thank you!