Cautionary Accidental Duration

Can you alter the Cautionary Accidental Duration in Dorico Elements? Or is it only possible in Pro? Thanks in advance.

Yes, settings for accidentals are changed in Notation Options.

I think what Dan was trying to say is that this can only be changed in Dorico Pro, because the Notation Options dialog does not appear in Dorico Elements.

Bugger. In a future release can you change the Elements behavior to NOT do them? Kind of irritating having the score littered with unnecessary symbols.

Separate question: custom chord symbols. Same story? Only in Pro, not Elements?

Correct. Dorico Elements provides very little in the way of customisation in general, beyond what can be done by editing music fonts and the settings in Layout Options.

As I offered another Dorico Elements user in a different thread, I’d be happy to adjust the accidental duration settings in your project for you.

Another option would be to grab a Dorico Pro 3 trial, and run that until it runs out. During that time you could come up with your own default accidental duration rules, chord symbols, etc., and save them all as defaults via the various options dialogs. When your Pro trial expires, those defaults you saved during the Pro trial would still apply to all future projects you start in Elements.