Cautionary time signature at the end of a flow?

I’m trying to display a thin double barline at the end of a movement as well as a cautionary time signature with the indication “attacca subito”. Can this be done while maintaining 2 separate flows for the 2 movements? I want to make sure the full instrument names appear at the beginning of the next movement so I would rather not combine the flows.

This is an example from a Rachmaninoff score of what I’d like it to look like:

I have the same problem in Beethoven’s fifth, between 3rd and last movements. Following.

Same with Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.

You have to fake it. I’ve just uploaded a video demo here:

For those that prefer text:

  1. Add an extra bar.
  2. Set the time signature for the extra bar to cutc, and add a double barline.
  3. Go into Notation Options and tell the flow to end with no barline.
  4. Set whatever’s at the end of the now penultimate (originally final) bar to End Voice Immediately.
  5. (I didn’t bother in the video) write attacca in as Shift-Alt/Opt-X text.
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Leo, it does not work when condensing is involved… I mean, the “getting rid of the rests” part of it.

This seems to be easily solvable in Dorico 3.5.12.
Just add a measure at the end of the flow, change a single barline to a double one, add time signature change and then delete the extra bar at the end of the flow.

“Seems” being the operative, @MilosBetko . Now save, close the file and reopen it.

It works for me with double bar lines, but you are right it doesn’t work with single bar lines.

  1. Adding bar at the end of flows, adding time signature change (3/4) at the end of flows, adding double bar line in Flow 2:
  2. Deleting last bar in both flows:
  3. Saving, closing, reopening:

I would love to see options for individual overrides between flows:

  1. to show cautionary accidentals
  2. to show cautionary time signatures
  3. to add “attacca” (which also plays back in that way)
  4. an override, where you can adjust the length of the pause between two flows.

But I’m quite sure, that this is already “on the very long list” …

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