CB 10.0.50 - Midi Track Output info lost on Disable/Enable


Following on from CAN-13042 - there’s still an issue upon track disable/enable.

This all relating to midi tracks:

What I’m seeing is that if a midi track output (not channel) is changed after initial track creation, then it will not be recalled correctly on track disable/enable, instead defaulting to midi out 1 (by virtue of it being first midi out listed?).

However, if the track output is as correct at the point of midi track creation (by using a dummy track to specify the desired output for the new track) and the midi out therefore doesn’t have to be altered, the info will be retained through disable/enable cycles.

So a workaround is to use dummy tracks when creating new tracks (to specify desired I/O).

Can someone reproduce this (10.0.50) ?

… and if so, can it be looked at please?

many thanks!


As I can see, this already have a CAN number. Does it mean it has been reported to Steinberg already?