CB 11.0.40 Some 3rd Party plugins dead on MONO trks which have audio files dragged to project window

Hi there,

I have just this evening noticed a strange new bug that when I try to use a number of third party plugins (waves v12) for example and a few other manufacturers that the plugins do not function on audio tracks that have had their audio dragged into the project window (whereby the track name is inherited from the file name). No change of plugin slot, switching to mono/stereo variants of the plugin, switching constrain plugin delay switch or bypassing the entire inserts on the channel remedies this. The solution seems to be to manually create a new audio channel underneath and drag the audio events onto this new channel. Plugins then function as expected.

An example is using the waves VU meter;

  1. Import Audio to a new project by dragging the MONO audio file (wav) directly to project.
  2. On track add steinberg plugin - functions fine
  3. On track add third party plugin, waves for example - sound is passed through the plugin and it does not function. [The routing settings all seem correct and there are no bypasses activated in cubase on the channel or constrain delay compensation].
  4. Create new audio track manually.
  5. Move audio clips to the new track and drag the plugins over on the mixer insert strips or add plugins manually and the problem is resolved.

Additional observations

  • Dragging plugins back and forth between a ‘broken’ channel as described above and the working channel show that the plugins themselves are working on normal tracks.

  • Swapping audio events between a track that is broken and one that is not allows the broken audio to work on any plugin - I surmise that the bug is not in the audio from the particular file but somehow when cubase created the track something went wrong.

  • Duplicating a broken track doesn’t fix the issue.

UPDATE - The channels become ‘broken’ only on certain files - I’m going to look at the audio file content next to see if there is something in the metadata that is unique to files that seem to have this problem.

Has anyone else experienced this with certain audio files causing Cubase to glitch somehow on setting up its channel?


I have seen similar report here in the forum already. But I couldn’t reproduce it. And you are much closer to the core of the issue, as you discovered, this happens with some files only.

It would be great to find the core.

Could you share via Dropbox or similar, one of the affected audio file, please?

Hi @Martin.Jirsak,

Here is a project with a short segment of audio in it… that causes the problem above. I have left this link public in case anyone else has the time to try opening the project or importing the audio file into Cubase.

(cubase 11.0.40 project)

Any insight into this is greatly appreciated!


I’ve had this exact problem when importing tracks into Cubase.
Cubase plugins works fine but third party plugins are bypassed.
Insert routing show the insert as bypassed and the only other option breaks the routing and no audio is passed through.
By creating a new track and moving the audio to the new track inserts works with third party plugins.
It’s a bug, not a feature and makes a mess when I need to import 30+ tracks and jump through hoops to get it to work.
Recording new track works like it should.

Here is a video of the strange behaviour.
Shows inserting Waves VU Meter (mono) on insert 1 and Supervision on Insert 2. Insert 1 does not function unless the audio is copied to a brand new audio track and the plugins re-instantiated on this new track. This isn’t just Waves plugins that seem to have this problem.


Thanks @Shortstop for the routing headsup!

Here is a screenshot of the Routing for the channel/track that isnt working (cubase shows ‘C’) in the routing editor - notice the straightline passthrough);

There is no way to edit this routing.

and here is the track that is working. Cubase detects the mono file correctly (M) shown in routing editor on the working track.

If anyone else is willing to try this out for me on their system, here is the wav file;


@shortstop Just thought I would let you know after some messages with tech support, the developers are now aware of this and have given it an official ‘issue’ number :slight_smile: fingers crossed for it being sorted sometime.

@ed_ruggers Thanks. It took me frustratingly long time to figure out what was going on.
Hopefully it gets fixed in the next version upgrade.

I just wanted to add that I noticed the same issue.
I’m using the latest version 11.0.41 Pro. The issue still exists… it’s now almost 5 months after it has been reported.
@ed_ruggers : thanks a lot for the workaround… that helped me a lot!
Thanks, Franz

Just confirming this is still an issue for me in Cubase Pro 12.0.30. Steinberg Technical Support have asked me to confirm if the issue still persists.

@ed_ruggers This is the case for all plugins? or only for some inserted at the first slot in a Mono track?


Is it still the case in Cubase 12.0.40, please?

I am able to reproduce it with the sample you send to us… there is something in the file creating such situation, I will investicate.


Dear Yvan,

Thanks for confirming the file was the issue. I suspected there might be something in there. I wondered if you been able to investigate yet why the audio stream isn’t connecting to the audio busses for effects?

Many thanks!

It will be fixed in next maintenance update 12.0.50