CB 11 bug : delete parent folder when not saving and delete imported file

Hi all,

When you create a new project , import some wav files (import media) , don’t save it and when it asked to delete the imported audio and pressing yes, ir removes the parent folder. Steps to reproduce

  • Create a new “c:|test folder” using windows explorer
  • Open a new project using the hub
  • Select the “c:\test folder” as the project location
  • Import a few files using media -> import
  • Make sure the files are copied to the project directory (c:\test folder\Audio)
  • Close the project without saving
  • When CB asked to delete the imported audio , press yes
  • The original folder “test folder”

It also occurred that nothing was delete and everything was still under c:\test folder\Audio

Expected behaviour:
When selecting delete imported audio, remove the files used in this project under the \Audio folder

Can someone confirm this?

Kind regards



This is not new issue and it has been reported already. Thank you.