CB 11 - Future request - More arguments for Post Process scripts


I think it could be good if there was some more “Arguments” available in the “AudioExportDescription” xml-file to use for the Post Process AEPP scripts in the Export Audio Mixdown section. This makes it possible to create some even more “intelligent” scripts.

Currently I am calling a bat/cmd file for copying files, but I would also like to include code for saving a backup copy of the actual project file, with the same name as the exported file, in the project folder.

So if the “AudioExportDescription” file could include arguments for:

  • $Projectname
  • $Projectpath
    … I could use them in the script I am using.

There may even be other arguments that could be useful in a similar way.


arguments, or attributes?


Well, I guess we’re talking about something similar to $path, but for project info, that may be passed in a similar way, or parsed from the xml-file.
I’m not sure what would be the best way, Im just trying my way forward.

Best of all would be for Cubase to have saving backup file as an option during Export.