CB 12.0.30 MIDI Remote missing ports

Hi, I tried to make a custom Mapping for my Komplete Kontrol S61, finally. But: I can’t select the correct Port (“Anschluss 1”). I’m only seeing a handful of MIDI-devices in the “Add MIDI Remote”-panel, including S61 “Anschluss 2”. But a lot of MIDI-Devices are missing. Why?
I think the input/output port list was longer on CB 10.0.20, but I’m not sure.

Input Ports:

Output Ports:

Remote Inputs shown:

Remote outputs shown:

Shouldn’t I be able to select any MIDI Device that has either an in- or out-port?

I’m having the same issue with M-Audio Axiom 61 and RME Fireface 400:

Yet it does work fine with CME UF80 on the same computer.

I should add, it’s on OS X.

The weird thing is, that after messing around a bit, I started to see Fireface Port 1, but Port 2 disapeared. It drove me toward the idea of trying to trick the system. I opened OS X Audio MIDI Setup, created a new external device, virtually, connected my Axiom Port 2 to the newly made device input and from there to Axiom Port 1 input, and something fliped.

Now, I’m all good and managed to make my remote work, but the bug’s still there when you try to create a new remote.