[CB-1869] Don't copy track wave files between projects

Cubasis supports copy/paste of wave files of an audio track from one project to an other project. But unfortunately this doesn’t work and leaves you with loss of the recorded audio data of the wave file:

Copy a wave file of an audio track from one project and past it to an audio track of an other project. After reopening the project of the original audio track, the wave file is empty. Switching back to the other project, the audio track is empty as well. Only the original name of the wave file is shown.

But when the wave file editor window is opened, the name field of the wave file is empty. When you try to save a name, Cubasis crashes. It seems to me that Cubasis can’t find the contents of the wave file and that the link to the audio data is broken.

I deleted a lot of tracks, projects and audio files. After this I was lucky to find the original wave file with audio data in the trash and was able to copy (do NOT restore the file!!!) this wave file to a new audio track. Why this works fine is unclear to me.

Steinberg can you give me a work around for this? Thanks.

Dear Majorminor,

I will investigate for you on this issue…

Thank you!

Found a work around my self.

In case of an empty track after copying it from an other project, select and erase the empty wave file of the track. Go to media/trash. Find the deleted wave file and drag the file into the track. After this, the wave file is visible again and shows the original audio data. When one switches projects after this, no empty tracks occurs anymore.

It helps when the wave file name is changed directly after copying the wave file from an other project. This helps finding the file in the trash after deleting it.

Hi Majorminor,

Thank you for the detail description and the workaround.
It’s reproducable “empty file” and " crash after name empty file " .
We will fixed both issues in the next update.

best jan

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your support. I am happy to hear you are able to reproduce it. I will wait for the next release.