[CB-1890] Frozen IAA track doesn't seem to carry compression

I have a MIDI track that uses an IAA synth (iSEM). I got the track sounding
the way I wanted, with EQ and dynamic compression using Cubasis inserts. The
result is a boosted, punchy sound that can be heard well in the mix.

Now when I freeze it, it seems I have to copy all the inserts by hand, because the
gain which resulted in the EQ boost and compression seems to have been lost.

Is this expected behavior? Shouldn’t a frozen track sound exactly like its
un-frozen source counterpart?

Thanks for any tips you may have.


I gave the issue a check (iPad 3, iOS 7.1.2, Cubasis 1.8.2, iSEM 1.0.2):

  • inserted iSEM on a MIDI track / inserted iSEM on an audio track
  • Recorded a few bars of Midi / recorded a few bars of audio
  • Activated StudioEQ, Limiter and tweaked its parameters for an audible change (MIDI track / audio track)
  • Track Freeze

As expected, source part and rendered file sounds identical (both scenarios).

Please re-start the iPad and give it another try.

If the problem still persists please upload the project file along with a detailed step-by-step repro to WeTransfer (address it to yourself) and let me have the download link via PM afterwards.



The same also happens using Cubasis built-in instruments. I’m going to try to upload a sample project in Tapatalk iOS.

Edit: Here’s a link to the project file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tjj502un96tnhwz/cubasis.zip

When you work with this file, you’ll notice I’ve kept the frozen audio, but muted.
Play back the MIDI tracks, then mute one and un-mute its audio freeze track.

You will notice a distinct drop in volume due to missing EQ and compression.

Un-mute then Freeze the MIDI track again, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get another
lower level audio track.

I am running Cubasis 1.8.1 on iPad Air iOS 7.1.2

Thanks for providing the example project.

With the project I’m able to reproduce the issue.
Issue has been listed and will be evaluated by the team.