[CB-2092] Cubasis 1.8.3 stuck notes in SampleTank

Since the latest update sequencing Sampletank from Cubasis generates a lot of stuck notes. This did not happen in 1.8.2. Tested Sampletank with Genome and there are not the stuck notes.

Please investigate.
iPad Air, iOS 8.1.1. Current on all apps.

hi surfer,

I did the final "real world " tests; midi recording,
composing a song etc with SampleTank and i had no stuck notes.
Please can you send us an detail step by step description for a reproducible testcase ?

best jan

I’m just sequencing.
Start AudioBus.
Place SampleTank in the input. Set the four parts to channels 1-4. Activate them.
Put Cubasis in the AudioBus output slot. Create a project with one audio track receiving from AudioBus/SampleTank. Create 4 midi tracks with no instrument, no input midi send to virtual midi channels 1-4.

Create a 4 bar region for each track. Set grid size to 1/16. In the first region draw some notes.

Begin loop playback. In another region draw some notes. Listen for the stuck notes. Try to add another region. More stuck notes.

I don’t know if the issue is in Cubasis or SampleTank. But Cubasis was the latest to update.

Thank you for looking at it.

Hi Surfer,

Confirmed stuck notes here with Audiobus 2.1.8, Cubasis 1.8.3 and SampleTank.
Cubasis and SampleTank works without stuck notes via iAA.
We are investigate and it’s in our Bugbase = CB-2092

thanks for the info

Thank you.

Same here. Stucked notes with the same setup and app versions than surfer. :frowning: