[CB-2098] Losing work. No audio in track

I’m using an iPad Air on iOS 8.1.2, the latest update.

I’m trying to double a guitar track using Jamup. I’m recording eight bars at a time and after about four sections (32 bars) the audio track becomes empty. I erased and recorded the same sections multiple times. The track recording is there but there isn’t any data. The visual audio wave is gone.

I guess saving after every take would be wise but I shouldn’t be locking up or crashing and losing data. I’m not sure what specifically is driving the bug. I’ve lost two nights work so I’m not inclined to diagnose it much further, but I’ll be happy to offer any additional details if needed.

Hi John,

We’re sorry to hear that you have issues with Cubasis.

Please get back to us with a detailed step-by-step description how to reproduce the issue.
I have sent you a PM with further details as well as my contact.

Thanks for your support.

Best wishes,


Hi John,

some more information/questions about the issue:

First please let us know if the following workaround helps to solve the problem:

  • Double tap the empty audio event, tap "Save to Media”, open the MediaBay, find your file in the Audio folder, double tap it to add it to the project again.

Further questions about the issue:

  • “Track recording is there” → Do you mean that an empty audio event is displayed, the audio is audible, but only the waveform is not shown?
  • Is the waveform visible in the audio editor (double tap the audio event)?
  • Is it a mono or a stereo recording?
  • What is the sample rate and bit rate of the project?
  • Please send us the project as a zip file containing all audio files.

Have posted these questions also via PM.
If possible please get in touch with me via E-Mail (quicker than forum).