[CB-2239] Cubasis to Garageband - no sound

Hi.I’m trying to record guitars to garageband through it’s inter app function,you know ,starting sound from cubasis as inter app audio to garage band.and trere is no sound!in cubasis for example i attach ampkit or amplitube as effect to audio track 1 but there is no sound after recording to gb…if i use cubasis as input in audiobus and gb as output then the sounding become as in bathroom effect or smth with a lot of feedback using earphones…PLEASE HELP TO SOLVE THIS :cry:


in order to understand your problem better, can you provide us with more details about your setup like iPad version, iOS, audio device etc.?


ok.first i launch garageband on my ipad air 64 running on latest to this day ios .then in gb i choose cubasis via inter app audio function of garage b.like the other apps like ampkit, bebot, amplitube, nanologue ect…then i LAUNCH cubasis and in it i launch the guitars.then go back to gb and start to record bit there is no sound data comes from cubasis to gb record but the sound plays as i record.but not recorded.sorry for my language i am Russian

guitars connected to ipad via irig 1 as before.

Hi Ill,

The issue is reproducible and has been added to our bugbase.


thanks a lot and i’ll wait for solution and maybe some update