[CB-2504] Playhead return on stop

Long time Cubase user, newbie Cubasis user. I can’t seem to find a way of returning the playhead to the start point on transport stop, my usual way of working. Must be something really simple I’ve missed, any pointers greatly received.

Anyone? Can’t believe there’s no way to do this… it’s about as basic as it gets…

Don’t think so, but it would be nice.

IMHO there’s many, many little useability features like this that need to be added before big things like time stretching and other such banner functionality!

Wowzers, I’m gobsmacked - was sure I’d missed something obvious. How is it got to 1.8.3 and you can’t return the playhead on stop?!!

I know it sounds way too OTT, but honestly it stops me using the app. It’s so ingrained into the way I work, it doubles the time it takes me to do anything without it. And quite agree - I’m not interested in a single other feature til this is added.

Bump for this, with all the talk of a new version. Cubasis stays - and will remain - unused for me until this ultra-basic feature is on board.

We have the feature request on our list.

Nevertheless - my personal opinion - it would be a shame not to use Cubasis due to lack of ‘return to zero’.
A simple double or triple tap on the “prev” button (located in the transport bar) takes you immediately there already.



I think the request is to return to whatever point he started from, not necessarily the beginning of the song, previous locator or previous marker.

Thanks - good to hear it’s on the list. As HammerCP says, tapping would frequently not be the same thing, though it’s a useful feature in its own right. Return on stop is very much ingrained into how I work, and it seems especially important on a smaller form like Cubasis, which is inevitably quite fiddly in comparison to a full DAW. It’s absence has a major effect on workflow, to the point where I’d take a laptop with Elements rather than work with Cubasis if I’m travelling. The dream would be to have Cubasis at a basic functionality level where it would be a useful on the road sketchpad - to me return on stop is an essential to that end.

I see the next version (post 1.9) has new features promised - a beg for this to be included. Again, the app stays unused here because of this inexplicable omission.

Just an official bump for this, grateful for any others to add their voice as, for reasons I can’t fathom, nobody else seems that bothered. I genuinely find Cubasis unusable without it.

There was a feature put into 1.9.5 that I think Steinberg throughout addressed it, but it was a totally different thing - press and hold rewind, and the playhead returns to the start of the song. Sort of useful, but nothing like as useful as something that affects every single play and record action, on every single project. All that’s needed is the same basic option that’s been in every version of Cubase, from the lowest upwards, for surely at least a decade (probably from v1.0?), and in every other DAW on the market. A simple option to return the playhead to where it started automatically on pressing stop is all that’s needed.

We’ve re-listed the topic with CB-2504, to be evaluated for next update.

Brilliant news, thanks for the info.