[CB-2961] Wah Pedal renders GUI unresponsive

I’m unsure if this problem is introduced with last version 1.9.8 update.

  1. Start new project,
  2. Add midi track with a drum loop,
  3. Play it looped,
  4. Open Wah Pedal (FX Pack2) as insert,
  5. Turn sync on and move the pedal,
  6. Music continues playing but transport and buttons freeze. The GUI is no longer updated and Cubasis need to be restarted.

Though it’s not a show-stopper, just avoid the wah, but it is an annoying problem.
Hope you can fix it.

Hi MarcelX,

Thanks for your message.

Gave it a short repro on Cubasis 1.9.8 / iPad Pro / iOS 9.2.1.
So far the issue seems not to be reproducible here.

Are there any additional steps required to reproduce the problem?
Feel free to upload a short video to DropBox or similar that demonstrates the issue and steps involved (link via PM please).


Hello Lars,

I think you’ve missed one step, you need to downgrade to an old iPad 3!
Your iPad Pro is fast enough to smooth out any performance issue that the devs have missed.

I’ll try to send you a video.


Hi Marcel,

Thanks for the additional information.
Reproducible on iPad 3, bug report filed.


You’re welcome!
I’ll reckon it will be fixed in next update?