[CB-2965] FR: transposition of midi track output

The request is to be able to apply a transposition “Insert Effect” to a midi track to adjust the output sound up or down a number of semitones. This would be particularly useful for live music performance where the input device has limited or no ability to apply transposition to the midi signal produced. For example: I have a keyboard that allows transposition, but only up 5 semitones and down six, which can be insufficient.

This feature has been requested previously on several occasions in the Cubasis forum, including:
• Guest, Dec 20, 2012
• No1DaBeats, Dec 27, 2012
• mkline, May 22, 2013
• Guest, Jul 01, 2013
• microtoneaudio, Aug 17, 2014
• Pejman, Oct 06, 2015
• kanegon, Oct 15, 2015

Hi AndyL,

Thanks for your message.
Your feature request has been added to the list.


I can’t see the requested transposition feature in Cubasis 2. Is it there somewhere, or didn’t it make it into this release?

Hi AndyL,

The feature request is included on the list for future updates.