[CB-3447] Timing bug AGAIN

HOW long has cubasis been around? seriously can you get yor sht together all these timing issues…
I have given up on using midi for same reason…

Heres the current problem…

set up any audio loop in cubasis
allow it to play so you can hear how seemless it is

ARM any other audio track

place cubasis in record mode and allow it to loop a few times…

On first loop and on wards there is a gllitch a stutter a pause… whatever you want to call it…
this is absurd!!! can we get this sht FIXED!!

and not only does it stutter or pause … the recorded audio is also out of sync… :astonished:

i have been using Ipad Mini, ipad Air2 and Ipad Pro and regardless you software keep having timing issues i wont go into all the list just look at my posts you have not fixed them and How long am i going to have to wait to get this one fixed!?? Like YESTERDAY!!! Pleeeeeezeeeee

Thank you!!

Hi Quinnx,

Thanks for your message.
I’m able to reproduce the issue and have filed a bug report.


Issue will be fixed with next Cubasis update.