[CB-3453] Request: Minisampler save and load pad setup

Can you please make it so the Minisampler saves and loads the pad setup?


I created a simple four sample instrument, assigned the samples to: C4, D4, E4, F4 for easy editing on the piano roll. Then I changed the pad set up so that the first four pads on the controller were C4, D4, E4, F4. Only problem is when I go to load that instrument on another track or in another project the pad controller set up is back to default D#1, C#1, F#1, A#1 and I have to change it again.

This means every time I load that instrument I have to edit the pad controller to play it. Now imagine if I have to do that with all 16 pads, it’s a big hassle!

Here’s some pics showing the instrument with the pads on the controller changed to C4, D4, E4, F4 and then that same instrument loaded again, and as you can see in order to even play the instrument I have to once again change the pad controller set up. Would be great to just have it be able to load the same set up.

Hi Rerun,

I can confirm that pad controller assigment get lost after load the Minisampler instrument to another midi track.

Issue is on our list as CB-3700

Thank’s for your support


Thanks this would be nice to have, and would make me more enthusiastic about creating Minisampler instruments, knowing I could use them across projects without having to edit them every time. Hope to see it in an update soon! :slight_smile:

Hi Rerun,

We have discussed the topic and will further evaluate.
Improvements and new features will be announced in time with the availability of new updates.