[CB-3480] Request: enhanced audio editing tools


While i understand Cubasis is primarily intended as a tool for music production and thus heavily music-timing based I’d love some enhanced editing tools for more convenient free-form editing of audio please.

1: snap to event / cursor setting in addition to the note value choices.

2: extra options for tool functions ( tap / hold to drop down choices like Cubase )


A Select Multiple events tool ( sometimes the drag selct tool doesn’t achieve the desired result)

A split across all tracks at cursor tool

Ripple delete tool … For either selected track, or all tracks. ( ripple = removes gap left by a delete action )

Paste insert tool to insert between other content moving subsequent material to the right in the timeline.

3: Ability to copy audio to clipboard from Media Browser

Pretty basic stuff that would make working much more efficient.


Hi Lee,

Thanks for your recommendations, that have been added to our backlog.