[CB-3847] Incorrect mutliple tracks copy/paste

Hello all,

Cubasis 2.1, iPad Air 3, iOS 10.
When I try to copy/paste a group of parts all together and there is a gap in the arrangement, say there is a part that exists in a chorus but does not in a verse and, and I want to copy a verse, then the resulted copy/paste group is all glued together ignoring the particular gap in a track, putting the lower track part onto its place. I have a video sample of this bug, where should I send it to? Needs a fix, definitely.

Thanks in advance.

Hi gugenson,

Thanks for your message.

We’re able to reproduce the issue and are evaluating a fix.

  • Fill gaps on MIDI tracks with empty MIDI parts (create them via the draw tool)
  • Fill gaps on audio tracks by pasting an existing part or record a new event and lower their volume to zero via the audio track track volume handle.

Hope that helps.


Won’t that be fixed in later updates of Cubasis? It is more convenient to see real gaps in the arrangement when you copy/paste instead of ghost parts.

As stated earlier, the issue will be evaluated by our engineering.
Until we have a fix available please use the workaround described.

Hope that helps!