[CB-3857] Request for ATR mode (audio triggered record)


Can we have ATR mode for future update ?
This option is very useful for recording hands free form and focus on playing instruments.
I have seen this option on Looperverse app :

Audio Triggered Record (ATR)

This is for when you want Looperverse to only begin a recording when you actually start singing, playing or otherwise making noise. There are two ways to access this feature; Either via this switch, or by holding down Stop and then pressing Record in the Transport. The Record button will flash red, indicating that Looperverse is in Record Ready mode and is waiting for audio input.
You can set the threshold for triggering Record via the Input meter, which you will notice has now magically added a slider. This is your ATR Threshold control; Just set it high enough that Record won’t be accidentally triggered by unwanted instrument or room noise, but low enough that your first note or sound will start the recording.

Hi Pejman,

I’ve added your feature request to our backlog.
As of yet I have information when to have the feature included.