[CB-3873] Request for holding button for virtual keyboard and pads

Could we have holding button option for virtual keyboard and pads cubasis in future update ?
I mean when we select hold button and then we play one chord or note on key on virtual keyboard or one of the chord pads or buttons, chord is played without releasing,until we play next chord or note or pad chords ( previous chord release automatically and new chord play ) .( Even if the note or chord is repeated .) because some of apps ( like n-keyboard app ) that have this option, when i enter new chord that has some of the previous notes, unfortunately be released previous notes. For example C E G chord and then E G B chord.

This option is very useful, when we are using Cubasis midi output to sequencer or arpeggiators app .



Hi Pejman,

Thanks for your message.
I’ve added the request for a lock/hold button feature request to our backlog.