[CB-3875] Pitch bend in background mode

1: select midi track on cubasis
2: draw amounts 2 measures region or event
3: double tap on region
4: in piano roll in controller section select pitch bend and draw with pen value 1400 for example
5: in midi rout of same track in input midi, select external midi keyboard
6: press play back button for active pitchbend and then stop playback
7: when i work with external midi keyboard the sounds are heard with same of value of pitch bend that I adjusted, and is ok .
8: double tab on home button of iPad or put Cubasis in background mode
9: or even when i select and then close and select again virtual keyboard cubasis of same track: imean ( select close select )
10 : RESULT : the pitch bend back to the 0 value or reseat to default ,and sound is heared with default of pitch bend .
pith bend is unstable in switching to background mode or resizing virtual keyboard vertically or switching to another midi track or select and deselect and again aelect virtual keyboard of same track.

Perhaps there is This problem with other cc messages of cubasis app. I haven’t tested them yet.

Ipad air 2
Cubasis 2.1
Ios 10.3.2

I am waiting for your answer and help


Hi Pejman,

Thanks for your bug report which has been added to the list.