[CB-4200] Issues with talk box fx

I have a couple of issues with the takbox fx…

The vowel selection slider is offset from where I touch…it is about an inch to the right of where I touch.

The depth knob is not animated when moved, the sound changes but the knob doesn’t rotate.

iOS 11.2.2 iPad mini 2

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your message.

I gave the reported issues a short check (iPad Pro 12.9, iOS 11.1.1) with the following results:

  • Vowel slider shows an offset when being touched
  • Depth knob animation/movement works as expected similar to other knobs

I will make sure to add the vowel slider issue to our backlog.
Are you able to provide me with more details regarding the depth knob issue?


Hi Lars

I have tried the Talkbox FX again…unloaded and reloaded it from the track, all knobs are now animating as expected…

I did have further issues with my project, I think as a result of pushing the iPad Mini2 too far in terms of CPU (Getting spikes pushing the CPU up to max), I think this may have been the cause of the UI starting to get unresponsive…it was just a bit wierd why only the depth knob was affected in Talkbox making me think it was Talkbox itself with a problem (I don’t think i have used it much before)
Other things became unresponsive too, transport bar stopped animating although audio playback continued…eventually nothing responded UI wise although playback continued…
Close the app, rebooting the device, reloading cubasis, problems re-occured very shortly after playback was started again, a couple of minutes maybe
I think I just pushed the device too far, or there is possibly an AU that is misbehaving, I am using Kauldron and wavefolder by Living Memory for first time as AUv3, so possibly either or both of those causing issues ?
I stopped using Wavefolder, and rendered the Kauldron track and the project is workable again. Also when trying to freeze audio on my track with Wavefolder on it, rendering wouldn’t work, the progress bar never moved, however long I waited.



Hy Andy,

Thanks for the immediate reply and update.
I’m glad to hear that the issue seems to have gone after restarting the app.