[CB-4202] Faulty live drum triggering

I am trying out the Cubasis demo (LE) and am having a triggering problem. I am using a Yamaha DTX502 with triggers in acoustic drums to be used live. It works well and I can’t feel any latency but I want to trigger sounds in an ipad to supplement the DTX502.

The programs I’ve tried (Garageband and Sampletank) have too much latency. Cubasis on the low latency setting, while not quite as good as the DTX502, is acceptable.

The problem is Cubasis won’t play a sound that is triggered too close to another hit. In other words I can only trigger 1/4 notes or slow 1/8 notes. Garageband and Sampletank work great (except for the latency) so I know it is a Cubasis problem.

Is this an inherent problem with Cubasis, is there a setting I missed, or is it a limitation of the demo?

Thanks for any help,


Hi Dean,

Thanks for your message.

The topic is expected to be fixed with the next Cubasis update.


I noticed the same thing and am relieved to read that this is being addressed. Wicked.

Hi Future Aztec,

This is confirmed, the issue will be fixed in the next update.
Will not take too long until then…


This seems to be spot on now in 2.4, fantastic. Congratulations. Is there a way to route different MIDI variables to audio unit parameters. For example, can I have mod wheel information modulate decay in an AU synth. This is important to me because I have a Keith McMillen drum pad and I would like to be able to utilize its full expressivity on the iPad. When I can route parameters such as decay, it makes it so that when I strike toward the centre of the surface of the pad the drum will trail off slowly, whereas when I strike towards the rim, I get a tighter short sound. If I route pitch/transpose variables in a similar fashion, I can get a really authentic hand drum sound. Here is a short video example from Keith McMillen instruments achieving this in Ableton. Is this possible in Cubasis 2.4?