CB 8.5: Score edit: right mouse click one up/down behavior

This is usability again, so it might be a feature request too.
In score edit it is possible to select a dynamic sign (pp, mf etc) and when right mouse clicking on it it is possible to move it one up or down in the dynamic scale. The annoying thing here is that it will only work on just one of the signs in multiple selection scenario. (too bad, but that’s how it is I guess).

Then by coincidence I applied the “one up” mouse click item on a multiple selection of some text object and dynamic sign. Behavior is that the text increases in size (while having an attribute set applied on it) AND the dynamic sign moves up in scale.

  • Expected: The text should not increase in size because it has an attribute set on it.
  • Pitty: apparently it is possible to apply a command like this on a multiple selection, but not on multiple dynamic signs.

This seems all a bit non-intuitive

Yes, I agree (and I have, myself, already requested that Up/Down should work on multiple selected dynamics… but to no avail, so far :wink: ).