CB 9 Pro to CB 10 Pro


Currently considering moving up to CB 10 Pro from CB 9 Pro and i’d appreciate any feedback regarding overall performance on the Mac (OS X 10.12.5 5,1 64gb 12 core 2010). My concern is some of the GUI issues that have plagued Mac versions of CB since v7 as well as hitpoint detection and other audio related bugs/issues that i’ve seen discussed here over the last few months here, since CB 10 was released.

Any and all feedback would be appreciated.




I would recommend to download Cubase 10 Trial and try on your system, with your projects.

Right now, I would recommend upgrading your license at hallf-price, even if you don’t install C10!

this is true, i’ll take a leap of faith because at this price it can’t be too much of a risk :wink:

How did you find it after the upgrade ?

Had a few eLicence teething issues but so far so good. CPU performance seems to be less on start up. Will be putting it through it’s paces this week so will report back.