CB 9

Hi, just a quick question, if i upgrade to 9 will i still have CB 8.5 on my laptop or will it overwrite it?
The reason i’m asking is in case i lose some of my vst’s in 8.5,

thank you

Yes you will still have it

Thank you Vinark :slight_smile:

Hi, i forgot to ask , would I still be able to load my .cpr files from 8.5 into 9?
thank you

Yes CB8.5 .cpr’s should open with no problem in CB9. The only concern is if your VSTs will work with CB9. This should be noted because CB9 only work with 64 bit VSTs. If you have 32bit VSTs you would have to find a 64 bit version or you will have to load a 3rd party vst software bridge. Like jBridge.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thank you Prock, yes I understand the vst issue,
thank you