CB AI5 - VST3 Presets Missing


New to the forum and apologize for asking what I hope will be a dumb question.

I have recently installed Cubase AI5 with the purchase of a Steinberg CI2. I am running Windows 7 (x64) on a quad core AMD processor.
The problem is: none of the preinstalled VST3 presets appear when you click on the dropdown menu. For example, I want to added “Tiled Room” to a guitar track, I click the VST menu, select the preinstalled Reverb, click on the dropdown (where I would usually see, AniverbFX, Disturbances, Medium Snare room etc) but there is nothing there. The VST loads and the dials and switches work but there are no presets to switch between. Checking the directory structure of AI 5 I do see the VST presets in the appropriate folder (exactly the same structure as Cubase LE 5) which I also have installed. The VST3 presets work fine in my installation of Cubase LE 5 and Cubase LE4. I have attempted to uninstall LE5, AI5 and reinstalled only AI5. No luck

Please help, I want to take advantage of the AI functionality with my CI2 but I find myself going back to LE 5 because I need my VST presets. I have clicked on load preset icon in an individual VST but it doesn’t allow me to point to a directory structure and load the presets that I know exist in the AI5 installtion directory.

Confused and tired of Googling for an answer. I hope someone has experienced this and can sort me out.

Thanks in advance.


Go to Mediabay and make sure the Cubase program folder is selected to scan and re-scan. If still no, try trashing Prefs (see sig).

Thanks, I will try that this evening.
Appreciate the speedy reply.