CB Elements crashes when opening project with various plugs


When opening a project with various plugs (3rd party as well) the program crashes while it is loading the plugins.

I’m a bit confused since all of them were bridged for 64bit usage, do you know by any chance how I can handle this problem.

Also, I will try to remove the plugs step by step, and my question is what do I need to delete prior opening CB again, is it simply sufficient to go into the VST folder and to erase the *.dll, and to go into the bridged folder, and to delete related files as well, or do I need to something else?

Thanks in advance, Chris

Yes you can erase the dlls but probably easier to just move or rename folders. In this way you can also move a large portion of the plugs at once. Often quicker to remove all of them, check if all is well, then put half back, check again. By splitting into halves (and then quarters etc if necessary) you can much more quickly find out where the issues are.