CB Installation

Hi, I am trying to install CB on D drive because i have a small C drive, but every time i point CB to the folder on D drive it always installs on C drive taking up 9GB of space, is it possible to install on D drive, i know about the updates and support being null if it’s not on C but i’m fine with that, i need it on D to free up the resources on C.
any advice would be appreciated
Thank you

The content is the space hog so it’s that you most need to move rather than the Program itself I think.

Might be worth looking at this (and something I used successfully in the past):


Thank you planarchist i will give it a try shortly :slight_smile:

Hi, i installed 8.5 and 9 on D drive but it looks like Halion 3.15 gb and groove agent 3.29 is showing on “uninstall programs” which i presume is C Drive,
but for the live of me i cannot find them “content” on C or D Drive, can someone point me in the right direction where i can find the content folders and try the method of moving them please?
thank you :slight_smile: