CB not recognizing FD in Devices (Mac)

Instructions are pretty clear and simple, but I can’t get the FD to show up in the Remote Devices menu. I’ve installed the lasted software and it’s plugged directly into the computer. Restarted CB/re-plugged numerous times. Unit is being powered and fader lights/connection lights are on. Also tried manually adding via the “+” sign. Still nothing. Don’t know what else to try. Thanks for any suggestions…

Update: I am not able to update the firmware on my Mac Pro (I get the "not connected error), but was successful on my iMac and the FD is now working there. Would really like to figure out what needs to happen to get it recognized on the Mac Pro.

Update: Upgraded to OSx10.9 and Cubase now sees the FD and all is working normally.

Note: I am running it at a distance (15 ft) using a powered hub. It doesn’t work through the keyboard going through the same hub. I got the Mac error that the FD needed more power. It needs to be connected directly into the hub to work.