CB Pro 10.0.10 Divide Track List: tracks are thrown all the way down

CB Pro 10.0.10 on Windows 10. Say we Divide Track List and now we have some tracks above the divider, and the remaining tracks are located below the divider.

After we do some work, we don’t need to divide the track list anymore, so we click on Divide Track List icon again. At this moment, the tracks (of any type) that were located above the track list divider are thrown all the way down below the rest of the tracks. That is wrong because originally these tracks were on the very top of the track list (and that’s how they’ve ended up above the divider), these are usually tracks i.e. Markers, Video, Dialog and such. If you have tons of tracks in your project, and these top tracks are thrown all the way below all other tracks when you turn off the divider, that’s really bad, because you now have to move these tracks all the way up the screen, but scrolling of tracks vertically in Cubase has always been quite inconsistent, kind of pain almost every time.

Thank you!


Indeed- I can reproduce it. For the short term, here’s a workaround- put everything that you place on the upper divided track list into a folder. For whatever reason it keeps it’s place.

Thank you. However, Steinberg, please fix this 'cause we need fixes, not workaround around bugs.

Been using Cubase since its version 1.0 and am a big fan. Don’t get me wrong :slight_smile:

Dude, I am trying to help, and I’m not Steinberg.