CB Pro 10.0.10 "Do you want to enlarge the part?" dialog completely useless and annoying

CB 10 Pro on Windows 10.

The “Event’s position exceeds the part’s boundary. Do you want to enlarge the part?” dialog is completely illogical, useless and annoying every time I see it. Explaining: It comes up when I move an audio event beyond the part’s boundary, and when I do that, of course I want the part’s boundary to automatically expand in order to accommodate the event’s new location. In my usage of Cubase since 1992, I have NEVER wanted to NOT enlarge the part when I move an even like that.

Now, you will say “just click the Please don’t ask again checkbox.” I know. I click it every time I see this dialog box and then it does not annoy me - until I close this project and open another one. When you work on and re-work, say, several different film cues on the same day, every day, and you have a new project file for every cue, and you see this dialog box after you open every cue, move an event and see this dialog 28 times a day like this, and have to click the F*** check box every time, that becomes a little too much when you already have to fix up a ton of other big and small issues in your music work.

If you, Steinberg, really love this dialog box and really want to keep it, just please then add another checkbox option within it “Never show again” and let Cubase remember that forever. Or add this option to the Preferences. This is SO SO SO annoying!

Thank you!

Cubase useless dialog box.JPG

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What dev or support person could read that message and not be infected with a desire to remedy such an incessant abomination on logic?

I would see someone about that throbbing vein, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 !!!


I despise it the most when I accidentally drag a note so that a teeny-tiny part of it momentarily slips over the edge of the Part while dragging. If Cubase is gonna ask (and really don’t) at least wait until I release the note where I want. Don’t ask just because the road I took to get there went over the border for a bit. :imp:

This (underlined by me) precisely describes why I find this feature a PITA.


+1 Another source of needless clicking.


They should also do the checkbox thingy upon importing multiple audio tracks and asking if you want it in one track or different tracks.

+1 to the OP and +1000000 on this!

  • And also when big audio drop outs are happening (like when changing buffer size on playback). I dont need a message box which tells me that my audio dropped out. I can alread see and hear that.

  • And ofc also for importing midi tracks

  • Or when crossfading multiple events which are not adjacent/too far away from each other.

Just get rid of every message box please!

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Horses for courses. Most of the time I do NOT want to enlarge the part, I simply want to move the midi data out of the playable area. Iow, I either want to be asked, or at least have a modifier option.


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So, are they going to fix this? I voted for it. So annoying, useless waste of time.


It is still present in C11 :wink:

I agree, this has to be in Preferences, this is SOOOOOOOOO ANNNOYING



this is sooo annoying in Cubase 11 as well. IT would be cool to add a toggle to preferences to disable this

I think it should be in preferences. I can see a rare person who wants to use it (I used to do a similar thing when editing artwork. I would do complicated operations “off the page”. So as Transistor says, there are people who want it. But I prefer Reaper, of all things, because at least within the key editor you can drag the part out yourself.

Another thing I find odd (maybe there is something in preferences) is the thing where you have a note selected and you drag out a bigger selection including that, and Cubase things you want to invert the selection of that one note (IOW it selects everything in your drag box for you, EXCEPT WHAT you already had selected - which it annoyingly unselects). So it forces you to remember to always unselect first, before you select. That’s a bit whacky if I understand the options here (there’s a good chance I don’t cuz I’m brand new).

Here or there I can see someone who wants to invert selections. Maybe just for kicks. But I can’t see it being the more common want.

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Is there a fix for that yet? Thanks

Just wanted to chime in and say that I despise that message box almost as much as the OP.

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Still no fix on this one!?! Man this one is painful