CB Pro 11 Crossgrade eLisence same Onion & No Support

Attempting to Crossgrade PT11 > CB11 Pro on box set only to find no activation of full eLisence & no replies from support.
Tried for several days to activate with full lisence and with no luck, just hours & hours & hours of my time wasted !!
Only error message from server ( bla bla bla ) but it’s not my client thats out of order.
The activation number supplied only allows 24Hrs … but I need to work offline continually of course.
Is this common and is one first just supplied a temp key untill PT11 details are confirmed fully?

Has anyone sorted this issue or can anyone advise.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

The exact message from the server might help.

Make sure your firewall or antivirus is not blocking the communication to the server, please.

If I do some maintenance on my USB eLicenser it works just fine… so no server downtime at the moment…
If you get errors, the kind of the message should give you a hint what is going wrong…

Thanks for support and the reply.
At least I now know the full activation process is available.

Attempting activation using automated downloader I recieve just the standard text pop up informing me of failure. No error code.

Attempting activation using the eLisence app again I recieve just the standard pop up informing me of failure. No error code is returned.

One more question here that may resolve this.
I disable/remove antivirus on set up of CB11.
However without any antivirus I have restricted access to to desktop and regestry, peer to peer services etc. Obvious services for PC abuse.

Have you chaps loaded and activated CB11 using a virgin Windows setup and not edited any degree of PC security leaving remote services all on.
Don’t worry I’m no hacker just want to get CB11 running.

CB11 workflow looks very good and ideal for those inspiational thoughts on a good day. If you get my drift… Those special days we sometimes get.

Thanks guys


Did you get an Activation Code or a Download Access Code, please?

What kind of text, please?

What kind of text, please?

I have been activated Cubase at several systems. With the common firewall and antivirus setup, I have been always able to activate Cubase. If there was any specific settings, I had to handle it on the specific system case by case.

Hi @JLee1,

Just to make sure:

Do you have you a Steinberg USB eLicenser connected (iLok won’t work)?

Have you entered the Download Access Code (DAC) from the redemption card in the box into the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA)?

Wow thanks chaps, your really active in support. Much appreciated !

Firstly the error message I get with both the Active Downloader and the eLisence system is just a siple pop up. The same pop up as displayed in other posts on this fourm.
Sadly this pop up does not display an error message. Its just text pop up informing that either “my client is missconfigured or the server is buissy. Try again later”.
No error code.

thank you for your report on your configuration settings being basically box set defaults. That is very helpfull.
I have tried turning off the firewall but I do have several services disabled to protect the PC from unwanted interogation and remote access.

I will decrease security measures and allow the Stienburg /eLisence servers more access to the O/S.
I think this may well be the answer to my difficulties.
Thanks for that !

Matthias Thanks
One has to laugh at forgetting — but not inserting the eKey is probally a very common problem.
Sort of thing I would forget to do on a bad day.
I am used to needing a lisence dongle having used PT11 for quite a period.

However I have tried the USB key in several USB slots just in case there is a duff USB connection, but this activation problem still persisted.

The activation code was supplied via the email address I regestered for my account with Stienburg.
The code provided in the email is itself exactly the same code that is generated when entering the access code into the Automated Downloader and then requesting activation. ie using the automated downloader to activate.
This is why I questiond my O/S security settings.

Thank you all for your helpfull replies and this is a lovely welcome to the fourm.

Now let me try activation again… :>)

I had a similar issue, during the middle of upgrading my license, it errored out and CORRPUPTED my e-licenser, steinberg told me i had to buy a new e-licenser. i dont understand why its not a free replacement, you are hte one who got my elicenser broken. anyway, had to go through taht charade. my solution was get in contact with steinberg, had to buy a new e-licenser and they had to supply me with new codes. not good!

Hi Chaps
To try and get Cubase Pro 11 to accept a continious lisence I decided as mentioned erlier allow all services including the services one would restrict to maintain security.

In this condition the O/S is completely compromised allowing any hackers or 3rd party to steal ones codes, data or prior music projects!

The eLisence was still not able to load the continious lisence I paid £300 for.

After initial music history I worked in IT for over 30+ years now and hold a BSC(Hons)MSC in IT and HND in electonics designing micro embedded systems which has included analogue/digital audio over many years.

This problem of eKey authentication is clearly with the Cubase server not being enabled thus allowing loading of the correct lisense key . Clearly
the failing of Stienburg alone.
I will confirm this 100% later following trace files a few tools and packet capture.

I can only conclude from this initial experiance Stienburg have absolutely no duty of care or accept any responcability toward thier end users.
Appart for you pay that is.

Now after 7 days and still not even recieving a reply to any service requests I believe this alone reinforces the poor disregard Stienburg hold towards it’s customers.

I recently tried to install Melodyne 5 and thier servers are set to permantly removed the windows firewall and also the ability to replace the firewall by blocking the security template and blocking the thread that installs the windows firewall within the O/S. Caught them out !

I made it quite plain to Celemony thier product sales would plumit rapidly If I placed this issue in the wild and within the music comunity.

In a simular manner I wonder how Stienburg would feel if provided continious posts on social meda about this issue and thier poor support and dismissive attitude towards thier users.
Cubase Pro 11 that you cant obtain the full elisence to use once purchased on or off line. I recognise thier need to secure thier product but this is redicilous.

Even if they need to check my prior subscription to Pro Tools 11 and that itself would take a while, they could at least have the respect to e-mail the user to notify the client that this is thier due process.

I am beginning to believe I have made a big mistake attempting to cross grade Cubase 11 and it appears the inherent problems associated with Avid and Pro Tools now appears to have migrated right through the whole company to Cuebase.

I thank you for your kind support and kindness as a fourm, but these issues are clearly the failure of Stienburg alone including the eLisence software blame game.

It’s Difficult as I purchased a box set but I will now start pushing for a full refund and walk away.

Cubase isn’t the experiance what is advertised … !!

if you are going from pt11 to cubase, then they definitely will want to verify you actually own the software before giving you a discount. i have crossgraded from kontakt to halion and from rx8 to spectralayers - it usually takes a day or two for everything to be authorized to move forward after you provide the necessary proof of ownership. where did you make the purchase? if you did it on steinberg’s site, then you would have had to upload proof before making the purchase.

  1. where did you purchase the crossgrade?
  2. what was provided to you? you need an e-licenser dongle and a download access code. normally you would get a box with the dongle and a card with the code.
  3. did you install steinberg download assistant and the e-licenser software?

i would just double check to make sure you aren’t putting a download access code into the e-licenser authorization window. download access codes are redeemed through steinberg download assistant. authorization codes are redeemed through e-licenser.

that’s the best i can do without knowing any specifics. hope you get it all sorted.

edit: the 24 hour authorization code provided is on every new dongle. it is put there presumably to allow users to keep working while making a zero downtime claim. that is not your license.