CB score question

Hello all,
question about score formatting:
I’m creating the score sheets for my brass section. Most of it is played in parallel except note height.
Can I import the structure of one instrument score to another instrument ?
Example : after I have finished the trumpet (rests split, measures per line, repeat brackets etc) in the score sheet of the sax?
I am aware that I would still have to set the key to the sax and add the comment texts, expressions, slurs etc. new in the sax sheet but it would be a great help if I would not have to do the staff structure again.

Is that possible and - if yes - how?



The best way I have found for this would be…
When you have finished the Trumpet Layout, go to the Scores Settings dialog>Layout tab, and, bottom left of the pane, Functions>“Export…”.
Then open your Sax track in the Score Editor, Scores Settings>Layout>Functions>“Import”.
This will import all your Layout-related events (that includes any Layout Layer events you might have added while still working on the Trumpet, so do make sure that any added events do belong to their intended Layer). And do note also that your Sax score will now be labeled the same as your Trumpet Layout, so don’t forget to change that also, once the import is complete :wink:. And you are right, you will have to reset Staff Settings (clef, key signature etc… I do wish there were a way to have that bit ignored :wink: )

Hi vic_france,
I just tried your advice - yessss… this was exactly what I was looking for.This saves me about one hour of work for each additional score sheet after completing the first instrument. I write the scores for 2 x trumpet, 1 x sax and 1 x trombone.
So 3 hours saved for each song.
1000 thanks. - Zibin