CB won't play lane 20

I have 4 tracks in a group editing folder - each track has about 28 lanes. At one point CB refuses to play the track on lane 20 and insists on playing lane 21. It makes no difference if I delete the music on lane 21 or solo lane 20 - it still plays lane 21. Same if I use the audition tool on lane 20 or even move the tracks out of the group editing folder. The only way I can hear lane 20 is to select it in the audio pool and play it from there.
I DO get a warning that all files are not completely in sync when I toggle group editing, but I think this is because we’ve done some extra recordings on some of the tracks.
It’s NOT cycle recordings. We just started new recordings from different spots in the composition.
Any ideas ?

Perhaps your lane 20 has no bus as output ? check your settings.

Greetz Bassbase

AFAIK the output is determined by the track. All lanes in a track have the same output. Or do I miss something ?
Thank’s for answering though :slight_smile:

Could you upload a screen?

Perhaps we see something you don’t.

or even the file if material is not to high security for uploading cpr you could just cut out 2or4bars from allyour lanes.

Greetz Bassbase