CB11.01 Red Color in Ruler

Hi all,

i am using Cubase 11.0.10 and my question is - why is there sudenly a dark red color in the Time-Ruler in the Main-Window - How can I return to the dark grey?

Probably related to the Warp grid. Deactivate the Time warp/Warp grid tool, if you don’t use it (i.e. with the Object selection one) : it should bring back the ‘usual’ dark grey ruler background…

OK, it looks like I’ve activated TimeWarp Toll - I’m not sure how I did it - how can I turn TimeWarp off?

As I said previously : click on the Object selection tool (the one with the high left oriented arrow, which is the ‘default’ tool, actually). It works as expected, here…

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Thank you for the quick answer!

the tools are numbered by the way… pressing 1 sets the tool to standard ;-)… and don’t use the numpad… :upside_down_face:
there are different shortcuts on the numbers (markers by default)