CB2 import time-stretch glitch in CB3

Hi Lars, couldn’t find a post that has exactly this problem so started a new one. It seems that any project imported from CB2 to CB3 with time-stretched audio loops glitches on playback. Projects without time-stretching seem to play fine so far. Is there a workaround for this or a fix planned? I have over thirty projects with time-stretching an a manual fix is going to be hugely time consuming! Thanks

In fact, when looking at the system info tab for any track with looped, time-stretched audio in it, the audible glitch is clearly reflected in a momentary spike in the DSP measure each time the time-stretched loop restarts, which doesn’t happen in regular audio loops. This only occurs in projects ported from CB2. It doesn’t matter which insert or send FX are being used, it occurs both with and without FX. Hope this is helpful in your future bug removal work.

Hi Tedbloggs,

Thank you for your message.

The next Cubasis update is planned to be released sometime soon, and will resolve many user-reported issues.
Please give the topic another check, once the update becomes available, and let me have your feedback.


Hi Lars, sadly still seeing the DSP spike on time stretched audio causing a crackle on playback when moving from one audio event into the next. I’m on an iPad Air 2 with latest iOS update and Cubasis 3. It doesn’t seem to matter if there’s lots of MIDI or audio going on at the same time, it’s the same with just the time stretched audio.

Hi Tedbloggs.

Does the project includes various Micrologue tracks and/or 3rd party instrument and effects plug-ins?
What hardware latency setting do you use, and does it help to choose a higher value?