CBP 10 Won't Remember My Track Preset Filter, Media Bay Filter, or VST Plug-in Path Settings

I’ve tried changing these settings about 10 times now. I’ve saved templates and projects, I’ve tried manually selecting ‘Esc’ instead of pressing the ‘x’ on the top right to close Cubase. None of this has resulted in my Track Preset Filter or VST Plug-in Path Settings remaining beyond the current session. In fact, every time I try to remove an item from the ‘track presets filter’ menu, it still shows a popup asking if I’d like to remove that item with a little checkbox that says “Please, don’t ask me again.” which I have checked at least 10 times now. Anyone else experienced this problem?

Edit: These same issues apply to the Media Bay. None of my filter settings in the file browser can be saved.


I sorry, I don’t understand the process yet. Could you please write step by step repro?

I’m talking about these 3 menus. They revert each time to their default state, or rather they do not remember the changing of any items that were there upon first install. I don’t see what the purpose of having the option to painstakingly remove default directories is if they are reset each time. The VST Plugin Path Directory is particularly baffling, as there is already a ‘reset’ button right there on the outside of the window. But despite that being an option, the directories will reset themselves each time anyway.

VST 2 Plug-in Path Directories.png

Sorry, I can’t seem to provide more than 1 attachment at a time!
Track Preset Filter.png

You’re hardly giving any details about the problem. While it’s apparent you’re on Windows from the pics, nothing else is known. You say menus, but there are no menus in the pic, etc…
The way you’re putting it assumes the reader knows more than is possible about what you’re doing. Please pick one thing, and say what you do with it in a step by step form.

If what you’re saying is that you are deleting a VST2 path and that it doesn’t stay deleted, I would assume that that is how it’s supposed to work and that the paths are populated to make sure users have correct VST paths on the machine.

If you were unable to add or remove your own VST2 path, that would be a problem. Is that what you’re saying?

OK, let’s focus on the preset filter. I remove from the track presets filter an item within the ‘VST sounds’ directory which I do not want to appear there. I save the project and close Cubase. I reopen Cubase and the project, only to find that the item that I removed under ‘VST sounds’ has been restored. The same goes for media bay, and for VST Plug-in Paths, with the only difference being that they are paths and not items in a filter menu.

I’m sorry if the term ‘menu’ is confusing here, but the definition of ‘menu’ is “a set of options presented to the user of a computer application to help the user find information or execute a program function”. In this case that function is filtering items out of a list.

Those are the default VST paths, not the ‘correct’ ones. They are definitively not correct on many machines, which is presumably why there is an option to remove them. I would assume that users for whom they are correct could use the ‘reset button’ if they for some reason removed paths which are correct for them, because populating the ‘correct’ VST paths is precisely what ‘reset’ does.


Is any other Settings stored after quit and restart Cubase? Isn’t Cubase crashing (silently) while quit? Can you see any crash dump files in the Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder?

It doesn’t seem to be, no. I just tried again and the last crash dump file I have is from several days ago.

Another example would be under media bay, there are certain items in ‘My Documents’ folder that simply won’t remain unincluded, like the ‘VST 3 Presets’ folder. The same goes for the contents of the ‘VST Sound’ directory in Media Bay, like the one I was having trouble with in the Track Presets filter.

It’s possible that this is all deliberate behaviour, but it makes me wonder why there is even an option to filter them out, if such a setting cannot be saved under any circumstances. The media bay is something I’d like to use to find media, not VST Presets. The Track Presets list is something I’d like to populate with 5-10 of my own frequently used presets, not 500+ demo presets that I have no need for or hope of memorising.


This seems to be Steinbergs’ factory content. Therefor might be it’s not possible to exclude it.

A lot of it is, but for example the the ‘VST3 Presets’ folder isn’t.

In any case, I think that’s absurd. You’re able to hide the factory VSTs and Instruments in the VST Plugin-Ins Manager permanently, why on earth shouldn’t you be able to hide demo presets and factory samples :confused:

Anyway, thanks for your help, I guess this thread can be moved to feature requests.