CBP 8.0.30 and Win 10 Pro and VI's missing

Hello,I buildt a new PC installed Win 10 Pro on new SSD drive,all is well, BUT I installed CBP 8.0.30 and it won’t load VI’s from Native Instruments,can’t find other VI’s from various companies.
I’m running CBP pro 64 bit,all my VI’s are 64 bit, just a side note,the missing VI’s load fine in Pro Tools HD 11.3.2
But not Cubase.
Also it load’s my 64 bit plug ins,but no VI’s…
Now I’m new to PC land,I have been using CBP 8 on a MAC and they all appear fine, just not on this Win 10 pro machine
I’m at a loss as to what I might do,any help or advice would be really appreciated


Hi there

Just a thought, NI often put the VST’s in a strange place, in the program files NI folder I think, not in studio atm, anyway check where the dll’s are and make sure that the Plugin manager has that path listed.

Best Regards


Thanks Dave will look into that…