CBP8 Volume jumps

My volume on tracks all of the sudden jumps,and there is no automation.
example: VI track set to say -6 db will jump up in volume to 0db at random points in time, as I’m playing back,or when I’m recording.
Any idea’s as to what is going on? Very frustrating…


If you are talking about the volume sliders in the mixconsole actually moving from approx. -6 to 0 then I still suspect an automation of some kind is active. I suggest that you again look by expanding and checking all of the automation tracks on the problem tracks again. Sometimes an automation track way down the list gets activated. It does not have to be a volume automation that is causing the problem. It could be you are activating/deactivating the equalizer or something like that.

If however you are talking about the actual volume you hear and shown on the meters is moving approximately from - 6 to 0 dB and that change corresponds with audio or midi parts then maybe you have changed the value on the info line for the audio parts that are different. So highlight the offending part(s) and check the value for the volume or gain that is listed in the info line for that tracks part.

Regards. :sunglasses: